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As a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), DCCM has a fiduciary responsibility to always act in its clients' best interest.  What this means is that we "advise" clients rather than "sell" them investment products.  Surprisingly, not all investment advisors have this fiduciary requirement.  Rather, many of them only have to make sure that investments are “suitable” for clients.  What this means is that they can sell you as many overpriced, underperforming investments with big commissions paid to the advisor as they want to as long as they make up a diversified portfolio.  At DCCM:

  • We do not accept commissions (i.e. kickbacks) from investment products and don’t receive any portion of transaction fees
  • We get paid a fee by our clients based on the value of their assets, so we make more money as our clients do
  • Our fee does not change based on what our clients own, so there is no bias to holding one investment over another
  • We search the globe for quality investments and much of our personal money is invested alongside yours
  • We have an open architecture, in which our custodian (Charles Schwab) provides access to thousands of different investments

DCCM believes that determining expertise is critical when evaluating an investment advisor.  Our company is led by Sean Butson, CFA, an award-winning analyst who has more than 20 years of experience in both debt and equity markets either providing capital or advising investors.  Prior to founding DC Capital Management, Mr. Butson was:

  • An expert witness for the recording industry in the landmark royalty rate proceedings with satellite radio
  • A media and telecom stock analyst with Legg Mason, during which time he was a top analyst in the department, received the Wall Street Journal #1 stockpicker award (co-coverage) in the wireless services industry in his only year eligible, frequently appeared on television, was quoted in major publications, and lectured an MBA course on finance and capital markets
  • A banker at Bank of America (then NationsBank) managing a $20 million debt portfolio by structuring senior debt, revolving credit facilities, and letters of credit

Believe it or not, there is no experience requirement to offer investment advice.


DCCM considers investment education an ongoing process and conducts hours of research every day.  In addition, Mr. Butson has a degree in Finance from the University of Maryland and became a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) in 1999.  The CFA designation is offered by the CFA Institute to those that:

  • Have a bachelor’s degree
  • Have four years of work experience in the investment decision making process
  • Comply with the Code of Ethics
  • Pass all 3 examinations which each require months of study covering virtually all aspects of the investment landscape: accounting, economics, finance, statistics, stocks, bonds, derivatives, corporate finance, venture capital, real estate, valuation, portfolio management, and ethics.  The average pass rate was 42% in June 2007; Mr. Butson passed all 3 exams the first time.

Surprisingly, the only education requirement to offer investment advice is to pass the series 7 exam, which can often be done with just a few weeks of study.

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