DC Capital Management LLC

Investment Management

DCCM is focused on providing institutional investment expertise to individuals and businesses.  Our company manages client accounts on a discretionary basis within an overall framework detailed in an Investment Policy Statement.  The company brings a disciplined approach to investment management that is focused not only on generating strong after-tax returns, but also on preserving capital in down markets.  Importantly, we define risk not as standard deviation, value at risk, or some other statistical measure, but rather as losing money.  Accordingly, we measure the maximum decline in portfolio values at any time and compare that to the annualized return since inception.  Although there is no such thing as a risk free investment, our portfolios are carefully built and constantly monitored in order to achieve these dual objectives.

Our approach to investment management is research driven and draws on years of experience and a multitude of investment resources.  We monitor trends, data, and news worldwide in order to determine appropriate asset allocation.  Specifically, we analyze valuations, inflation, interest rates, economic growth currencies, employment, and commodities in order to find compelling stocks, bonds, real estate, and commodities.  In short, we are value investors who search the globe for undervalued assets within our risk/reward framework.  Once such assets reach fair value, we are all too happy to sell and replace them with others.  We believe there are always cheap assets to buy if you know where to look and how to analyze them.  Finally, we attempt to be tax efficient with your investments, which includes asset location strategies, among others.  What this means is that we prefer to own certain assets in taxable vs. tax deferred vs. tax free accounts.

Utilizing this framework, DCCM has developed five proprietary portfolios that are chosen based on a client’s risk aversion, return expectations, liquidity needs, time horizon, tax implications, legal considerations, and any unique factors:

Preservation: to protect your initial investment from significant loss of principal

Conservative: to provide current income rather than long-term growth of principal

Moderate: to provide current income and long-term growth of principal

Aggressive: to increase principal over time while assuming higher volatility

Speculative: to increase principal over time while assuming a high level of volatility

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